Dirty Dog Pottery


Even though we dabble in many mediums, clay is our main love. The cycle of taking a lump of clay that smells of earth, shaping it, firing it and ultimately completing a process that ends in somebody handling that same lump of clay in its transfigured state.

This final step is why much of our work is functional. The process doesn’t seem complete until someone is using the object that was created. We always try to incorporate something different and beautiful, something that changes the object from an everyday useful object into art. We think everyone should learn to appreciate the bowl, cup, or plate they are using and find beauty in this world of fast paced living. We hope that something we have made can, even if momentarily, help another appreciate the daily act they are performing.

If you see something in the gallery you like, we may have a similar piece in stock, and we also do commission work. Just get in touch, or come to our shows, and we’ll take it from there.